Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Mammography?

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is a new digital mammography technology commonly referred to as a 3D mammogram. STRIC offers DBT with C-view, the latest advancement in breast lesion detection.

What are the advantages of having DBT with C-view?

DBT imaging takes picture of the breast in very thin slices which eliminates tissue overlap. These thing slices allow the radiologist to view a clearer image of the inner breast tissue, an important benefit for dense breast tissue.

C-view is an advanced technology that creates an image that is beneficial for comparison to your prior mammogram. The C-view image adds no radiation exposure to the low dose DBT exam.

What is the difference between a Screening Mammogram and a Diagnostic Mammogram?

A Screening Mammogram is a routine or annual mammogram for patients with no current or new breast symptoms or changes. A Diagnostic Mammogram is ordered by your physician because he or she is aware of your breast symptoms or changes. You should qualify for a screening mammogram if you do not have any breast problems or prior surgery for cancer.

What if I notice a change in my breast(s) when I perform my monthly breast self-exam?

If you feel or see something unusual such as thickening, nipple discharge, pain or a lump call your doctor immediately, and he/she will determine your next course of care. If you have any of the above, you do not qualify for an annual, routine screening mammogram. Please contact your physician to obtain an order for your Diagnostic Mammogram.

What if I have breast implants?

Mammography for implants is considered a routine annual screening procedure. If you have any breast symptoms or changes you will need to contact your physician to obtain an order for a Diagnostic Mammogram.

What if my mammogram has a positive finding, and I’m asked to come back for additional studies or work up?

Your results will be sent to you and your physician. If additional images are needed, we will schedule your follow up examination at a STRIC location specializing in Diagnostic Mammography. These centers are conveniently located in the medical center, north central, northeast, south side and downtown areas of San Antonio, as well as Boerne and Schertz.

What will my experience be like if I am referred for further exams or work up?

You will be referred to a STRIC location specializing in Diagnostic Mammography. Radiologists and staff are specially trained in breast imaging to provide you with the highest level of care possible. Because of the level of care and service, the necessity of tailoring each exam to your individual problem, and the involvement of the radiologists, you may experience a wait time associated with your exams.